Sunday, November 7, 2010

Countdown to Christmas..

Although it's barely into November, we are already full swing into the Holiday Season! Well, I suppose when I say 'we' I am pretty much speaking of myself, but I tend to drag Grace along with me! We have begun planning out some new, fun Holiday projects this year to get things going. I decided we needed to get an advent calendar stat, so what's better than making one ourselves!

We got a fantastic idea from the ahhmazing Martha Stewart (how I love her so!). It included baby socks, felt, clothespins and glittery ribbon for a clothesline! Now Grace and Chap will be able to countdown to Santa's visit with a stocking a day filled with lil' goodies! Below are some photos of her adventures in crafting.

The Supplies..

Carefully counting clothespins.. all 24

Doing what she does best.. being silly :p

Socks.. all finished, not yet hung

Finished product!!!

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